Group Of Companies

ISCM Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,

ISCM Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd., located in Sadao, South Thailand, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of D’nonce Technology Berhad. ISCM Industries offers contract manufacturing and design as well as printing and packaging converting services.

Our market:
Our printing and packaging products, comprising boxes and paper bags cater to the medical devices, particularly gloves and catheters; electronics; toys; food and consumer products industries

Our in-house capabilities:

At ISCM Industries, we offer end-to-end solutions from graphic design to high quality printing, to value added processing, to converting.

Our designers are well-trained and employ high-end graphic and 3D software to deliver high quality design and artwork for our customers.

ISCM Industries is equipped with advanced machineries, not only to produce graphic design but also to transfer the design to plate for printing purposes. We also have machines for converting processes, which include the production of corrugated cardboard, die cutting, gluing, laminating and calendering.

Printing capabilities:
At ISCM, we offer two types of printing, namely:

1. Offset printing:

  • Delivers consistent high image quality
  • Economical and efficient

2. Flexographic Printing:

  • Conforms to many kinds of substrates
  • Inks have low viscosity – quick drying
  • High speed and volume production
  • Able to handle a wide range of inks
  • Long lasting plates to withstand millions of impressions
  • Allows tighter control and repeatability
  • Allows more colors per job.

The types of materials we use in Flexographic printing include the following:

  • Single face corrugated
  • Single wall corrugated
  • Double wall corrugated
  • Triple wall corrugated and flutes with different thickness

3. Our printing machines include:

  • Hiedelberg 6-color Offset Printing Machine
      ° Offers 6 colors in 1 pass
      ° Supports water-based or UV (ultra violet) finishing
      ° Maximum printing size: 720 mmm x 1020 mm
      ° Minimum printing size: 280 mm x 420 mm
      ° Maximum speed of 15k impressions per hour
      ° Delivers high quality offset printing with enhanced special effects
  • 4-Color Offset Printing Machine
      ° Offers 4 colors in 1 pass
      ° Supports waterbased finishing
      ° Maximum printing size of 720 mm x 1020 mm
      ° Minimum printing size of 280 mm x 420 mm
      ° Speed of 12k – 13k impressions per hour
      ° Delivers high quality offset printing
  • 2-Color Flexo Printer Slotter
      ° 2-color printing machine
      ° Equipped with a rotary cutting, creasing and slotting machine.
      ° Maximum printing size of 720 mm x 2100 mm
      ° Minimum printing size of 240 mm x 500 mm
      ° Maximum speed of 100 impressions / minute
Our core machineries and facilities include the following:

1. Sheeter

  • Suitable for sheeting duplex board and kraft paper
  • Capable of sheeting big roll size of 50 inch in diameter
  • Maximum roll width: 1660 mm

2. Prepress

  • Applies CTP (computer to plate) technology
  • Eliminates the need for film and related developer chemicals
  • Increased sharpness and detail
  • Faster turn-around to plate production
  • Higher accuracy in print-to-print registration
  • Capacity: 13 plates per hour.
  • Plate size 790 mm x 1030 mm

3. Guillotine / Cutter for cutting the duplex boards and kraft papers.

  • Maximum size: 1370 mm (54 inches)
  • Clamp pressure: 150-5500 lbs /

4. Die Machines

  • Die Cut / Creasing Machine – three (3) units
      ° With auto stripping facilities
      ° Consistent die cut pressure for perforating windows, creasing lines and cutting shapes
      ° Maximum size of 750 mm x 1050 mm
      ° Minimum sheet size of 360 mm x 400 mm
      ° Maximum die cut size of 720 mm x 1040 mm
      ° Maximum speed of 7,500 impressions per hour
  • Manual Die Cut
      ° Semi-automated capability
      ° Caters for low volume jobs
      ° Maximum size of 720 mm x 1040 mm
      ° Maximum speed of 800 impressions per hour

5. Folder Gluer

  • Folder Gluer for Small Boxes
      ° Supports the gluing of small sized boxes such as glove boxes, condom packs and rubber band boxes
      ° Supports grinding of glue flaps for OPP (oriented polypropylene) file laminated glue flaps
      ° Maximum paper size of 580 mm x 800 mm
      ° Minimum paper size of 50 mm x 90 mm
      ° Speed of 20k-40k pieces per hour
  • Folder Gluer for Big-sized Boxes with Locked Bottom
      ° Supports the gluing of big boxes with locked bottom design
      ° Maximum paper size of 1060 mm x 800 mm for straight line box or 960 mm x 600 mm for locked bottom
      ° Minimum paper size of 300 mm x 160 mm for straight line box or 400 mm x 190 mm for locked bottom
      ° Speed of 20k-40k pieces per hour
  • Folder Gluer for Medium-sized Boxes
      ° Supports the gluing of medium-sized boxes with side gluing, such as catheters and glove boxes
      ° Maximum paper size of 1060 mm x 740 mm
      ° Minimum paper size of 330 mm x 400 mm
      ° Maximum speed of 30k pieces per hour

6. OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) Thermal Film Laminator

  • Enhances surface glossiness
  • Provides a window finish
  • Strengthens and beautifies product image
  • Reel to sheet
  • Sizes: 1000 mm
  • Maximum paper thickness: 50 microns
  • Minimum paper weight: 125 gsm

7. Window patching machine

  • Provides a window finish by using a rigid film
  • Maximum window size of 900 mm x 270 mm
  • Minimum window size of 270 mm x 270 mm
  • Maximum speed: 1800 rpm
  • Material thickness 50 microns
  • Film thickness 0.03- 0.15 mm
  • Film materials PE/PP/PVC

8. Flexo Gluing Machine

  • Convert corrugated board into boxes
  • A complete box making solution
  • Corrugated board thickness: 7 mm
  • Corrugated flute type: B flute/ BC flute
  • Maximum sheet size 720 mm x 2100 mm
  • Minimum sheet size 240mm x 500 mm
  • Slotting blade thickness – maximum: 7.2 mm
  • Maximum speed: 100 sheets/min
  • Printing size width minimum 420 mm and maximum 720 mm
  • Number of printing units 2 units
Additional Supporting Machineries:

1. Single Facer

  • Makes corrugated cardboard
  • Laminates the inner liner and medium into a single facer
  • Enables excellent print surface that shows minimal flute lines or washboardings
  • Only applicable for E-flute (0.0625” / 1.6 mm board thickness)
  • Roll stand Unit:
      ° Roll diameter: 1500 mm
      ° Paper width: 1400 m
  • Single corrugated unit:
      ° Paper width: 1400 mm
  • RF (radio frequency) inverter single corrugated unit
      ° Cutting width: 1650 mm
      ° Maximum cutting length: 2400 mm
      ° Minimum cutting length: 240 mm
      ° Machine speed: 150 m / min

2. Flute Laminator

  • Laminates single facer with duplex board
  • Top sheet & bottom sheet automatic feeding system
  • Automatic tracking system
  • Maximum sheet size: 1450 mm x 1100 mm
  • Maximum of 1500 sheets per hour
  • For A, B, C, E, F flutes and Double wall flute of all thickness

3. Hot Foil Stamping

  • Adds value to the product by using silver or gold foil to beautify the product
  • Manual machine
  • Maximum paper size: 40" x 28"
  • Maximum stamping area: 20" x 30"
  • Stamping speed: 800 pieces / hour

4. Calendering

  • Finishing process to smoothen, coat, thin out the material
  • Enhances the packaging surface to make it glossy by applying heat and pressure
  • Number of rollers: 3 rolls
  • Thickness of material: 50 microns
  • Size of material: 40 inch
  • Speed: 1,000 pieces / hour